Alice Mizer – A Mama, Baby and Shar-pei in the Kitchen

Alice Mizer - A Mama, Baby and Shar-Pei in the Kitchen |

Food Blog Radio Episode #21

We are excited to bring back Alice Mizer – A Mama, Baby and Shar-Pei in the Kitchen, for a follow-up episode, she is a world traveler, foodie, and military wife currently living in Japan, extraordinaire!

“My days are spent playing with my daughters and day dreaming with my husband on the beach when we aren’t in the middle of doing the laundry, washing dishes, tidying the house, running errands, making meals and all the other things a typical family has to accomplish every day. The rest of the time? The time in between the beach go-ing and the to-do list are spent searching for goodness on Earth – usually in the form of food.”

Today we will be chatting with about:

  • Alice’s history with Japan
  • What Northern Japan is like
  • Why she started her food blog
  • Creating new recipes with a Japanese flair
  • Her first cooking memory – age 3
  • Juggling a food blog, kids, military life and travel
  • Her Dorrie group (Dorrie Greenspan – Around my French Table))
  • Food Blogging in Japan
  • Our first military fly over – she lives on an military base after all 🙂
  • Ad so much more!

Want to know more?  Here is where you can find Alice:


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  1. Always thrilled to interview with Gary & Sara! These two are amazing folks and love what they do!

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