Ally Phillips from Ally’s Kitchen

Ally Phillips of Ally's Kitchen

Food Blog Radio Episode #38

This week, we chat with Dr. Alice d’Antonio Phillips or “Ally” as she is known in the food world!  Her signature cuisine can be described as ‘Bohemian Bold.’  A child of the 60’s, now in her 60’s, she invites you to jump on her magic carpet and travel with her around the world through her food and photos!  We love her style, spunk, southern drawl and her unique twist on cooking, photography and living this wonderful life!

Listen in as we chat with Ally about:

  • The weather outside our kitchen windows
  • “Everybody has a story to tell”
  • Food connects us, it is the common denominator in our DNA
  • A bit of background about Dr. Alice
  • Master Chef – Season 2
  • Reinventing herself
  • She was born a “Cook”
  • How it all began: the blog, sharing recipes and lifestyle inspiration
  • A peek into her Bohemian Life
  • Competitive Cooking!
  • Learning as your grow, the importance of increasing your skill set
  • What makes you different?
  • Authenticity in her photography, all the spills, splatters and smudges
  • Upcoming Food Photography Workshop!
  • Ally’s Cookbook “Ally’s Kitchen~A Passport for Adventurous Palates

Want to know more about Ally and her Bohemian Lifestyle?  You can find her here: 

Thanks for listening! Remember to tune in every Friday for another great new guest!

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  1. I had more fun than a barrel of monkeys with ya’ll! Thank you for putting me in the ranks of some amazing foodies you’ve already interviewed! xo Hugs & Happiness! ~ally

    • Sara De Leeuw says:

      Thank YOU Ally, for being part of our show! We loved getting to know you better!

  2. Ally might consider herself to be a gunslinger in the kitchen, but I she’s really a rock star. — Wonderful show. Great questions and answers. Thanks Gary and Sara!

  3. Beverley Press says:

    I loved listening to this interview and how I wish I could attend your photographer workshop (my anniversary is June 14th :-)) You rock my food world Ally. Thank you Sara for this interview I do love you both so much xoxo

    • Beautiful Cupcake Goddess! I wish you could come, too. Alas, just an ocean separates us. *sad face* Love you bunches!! xo

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