Art and Stephen of Latino Foodie

Art Rodriguez and Stephen Chavez of Latino Foodie

Food Blog Radio Episode #44

This week we chat it up with culinary graduate Art Rodriguez & home cook Stephen Chavez of Latino Foodie fame! Based in Los Angeles, Latino Foodie is the source for original and adapted recipes that are a mix of traditional and modern interpretations of Mexican dishes.


Listen in as we chat with Art & Stephen about:

  • How Latino Foodie started
  • Why they are successful food bloggers
  • Favorite places to eat in L.A.
  • How to do a restaurant review
  • Getting picked up by the New York Times
  • Improving on traditional Latino recipes
  • How they work together in the kitchen
  • Where and how they learned to cook
  • Working with brands
  • And so much more!


Want to know more about Art & Stephen?  Connect with them on social media here: 


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Thanks for listening! Remember to tune in Friday’s for another new podcast!

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  1. Lisa Nila says:

    Congratulations Art & Stephen on Latino Foodie’s 5th year. You guys are awesome!

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