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Dr. Jean Layton of GlutenFreeDr.com interview with Food Blog Radio

Our interview today is with Dr. Jean Layton of GlutenFreeDoctor.com fame and Co-author of Gluten Free Baking for Dummies (Wiley 2011). Dr Jean is a NaturoPathic Physician, certified Chef, Cookbook author and a Gluten Free lifestyle activist with over 7 plus years of  experience as a Food Blogger. During our interview Dr Jean delivers incredible incite into the world of a Food Blogger including tips and tricks she has used over the years.

Dr. Jean Layton solves problems for patients and brands. With diverse jobs from chef to doctor, she has used her analytical skills to address the ongoing goal, “There has to be a better way.” When not seeing patients, she is in the social media world, teaching people to thrive gluten-free. For patients, her background as a chef in New York combines with her medical knowledge to teach them how to Thrive Gluten-free. For brands, her 7+ years of social media work, writing and photography combine to solve your marketing dilemmas.
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Dr. Jean discusses:

  • Her journey to becoming a NatroPathic Physcian
  • Becoming Gluten Free
  • Food Blogging
  • Her posting schedule and routine
  • Google+ hangouts
  • Working Bob’s Red Mill
  • Food Photography
  • The importance of Google “Authorship”
  • Social media tips
  • Pinterest tips
  • Tools she uses daily
  • Food blog Monetization

You can find Dr. Jeans blog at www.GlutenFreeDoctor.com


Post IFBC 2013 Interviews part 2

As we wrap up our series on IFBC 2013, Food Blog Radio interviews two food bloggers, Chef Heidi Fink and Colleen Fields, about their first time experience at IFBC 2013.


Chef Heidi Fink

Chef Heidi FinkHeidi Fink is a chef, food writer, and award-winning culinary instructor, specializing in local foods and ethnic cuisines. Previously the Executive Chef of the renowned Canadian restaurant, ReBar Modern Food, Chef Heidi now shares her cooking expertise and enthusiasm through her classes, food articles, and culinary tours. Her goal is to inspire people in the kitchen and bring excitement to the everyday work of cooking and eating well.
Heidi lives, cooks, and eats on beautiful Southern Vancouver Island with her husband and two young sons.


Chef Heidi Fink discusses:

First impressions of IFBC
Improv and the Amazon store sessions she attended.
Great food from “Taste of Seattle” and the Urbanspoon Dinner at “Marjorie on Capital Hill
Why you need an agenda
Newbie tips for food blog conferences

You can find Chef Heidi at chefheidifink.com


Colleen Fields

Colleen FieldsColleen Fields is a lifelong food enthusiast and healthy lifestyle convert who has lost more  than 100 pounds and gone from a size 26w to a size 12 by marrying these two passions. As a single, working mother of two, Colleen struggled with her weight for years and tried every diet out there without success. Always enjoying  cooking and good food,  she found herself a constant  companion at her mother’s side in the kitchen as a young child.  Beginning  her weight loss journey, she realized that her cooking style needed to change. Frustrated to find the only “healthy” cookbooks and television shows available focused on deprivational diets rather than behavioral changes she began experimenting and creating her own healthy dishes and sharing her triumphs and newly developed scrumptious dishes through her online networks. Today, she maintains her healthy weight and offers her recipes for success through her food blog, www.colleens-kitchen.com, videos, and cookbooks. Colleen hopes to serve as inspiration, offering simple, sustainable tools, obtainable healthy and weight loss goals and, a clear message for those struggling with the same issues she faced most of her adult life.

Colleen discusses:

First impressions of IFBC 2013
Food and Wine Excursion to Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery in Woodinville
Andrew Scrivani photography class
Improv sessions she attended
Food sampling, “Taste of Seattle” and Urbanspoon dinner at “Gastro Pub”
Being a raffle prize winner
Newbie tips for food blog conferences

You can find Colleen at Colleens-Kitchen.com


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IFBC First Impressions – Part 1

Food Blog Radio interviews two food bloggers about their first time experience at IFBC 2013


Alice Mizer

Alice Mizer

Alice Mizer is a food blogger and mother to two adorable girls and one mischievous shar-pei “puppy.” Her blog, “A Mama, Baby & Shar-pei in the Kitchen” was established in 2011 while living in England to share all her kitchen adventures with friends and family. Teaching her young children to cook good, healthy food and bake on their own has allowed their family to grow closer together and enjoy each yummy bite! They are hopelessly addicted to singing songs, playing and painting together when they aren’t busy filling up on something yummy or making a sugary, floury mess in the kitchen and enjoying life, wherever they are in the world! They hope to inspire everyone to make time to cook or bake together and share the joys that have come from the kitchen with everyone.

Alice discusses:

  • Dorie Greenspan and her “Doristas French Fridays” group
  • First impressions of IFBC
  • Sessions she attended
  • Great food from “Taste of Seattle” and the Urbanspoon Dinner at “Republic Seattle”
  • Networking
  • Goals
  • Takeaways
  • Newbie tips for food blog conferences

You can find Alice at: http://acookingmizer.wordpress.com/

Sara De Leuuw

Sara De Leeuw

I love cooking and sharing recipes, from every-day delights to gourmet style desserts. When I’m not in my kitchen, I’m out taking classes or going to demos and learning the latest dishes. I enjoy trying different cuisines, exploring everything about the food industry and meeting people who share my passion! I love music, reading, traveling, coffee and cookies! You will often find me taking pictures with my iPhone 4s (though I recently upgraded to a gorgeous red Nikon D3100! SQUEEE!) The flavors of my life are both sweet and savory. There are success’ and imperfections. So, grab a cup of coffee and come sit at the table with me. Let’s talk about recipes, celebrate great food and possibly solve the problems of the world with homemade cookies!!

Who’s hungry?

Sara discusses:

  • First impressions of IFBC 2013
  • Meeting fellow food bloggers
  • Expectations attending IFBC
  • Sessions she attended
  • Food sampling, “Taste of Seattle” and Urbanspoon dinner at “Luc Chef in the Hat Restaurant”
  • Networking tips
  • Takeaways
  • Newbie tips for food blog conferences
  • Why you need to attend IFBC 2014!

You can find Sara at: http://www.myimperfectkitchen.com/

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Food Bloggers Online Summit November 2 – 3, 2013



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As part of your ticket purchase, you’ll get instant access to our Private Facebook Group, where you can network and connect with all the other Food Blogger Online Summit attendees.

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So, What’s Included With My Ticket Purchase?

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  • LIVE Q&A Following The Speakers Presentations In the FB Group


  • Sylvie Shirazi – How To Take Food Photos That Your Audience Can’t Resist
  • Joshua Sprague – Unconventional Traffic Generation Strategies For Food Bloggers
  • Katie “Wellness Mama” – Breaking All The Rules: Growing Your Brand Without Being Pushy Or Salesy
  • Wardeh Harmon – Share Your Voice & Grow Your Food Blog Through Podcasting
  • KerryAnn Foster – Subscription Success: How To Generate Recurring Revenue From Your Food Blog
  • Christine Pittman – How To Create A Social Media Plan For Your Food Blog
  • Russell van Kraayenberg – Video Food Blogging Made Easy
  • Amanda Rose – Ebundles: How To Generate Big Revenue For Your Food Blog
  • Anne Mauney – How To Attract And Work With Brands As A Blogger
  • Kristy Gardner – Don’t Follow The Herd: 10 Ways To Uniquely Brand Your Blog & Get Noticed Today!

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IFBC 2013 Recap

So I am finally back from IFBC 2013 in Seattle, Washington and it’s time to share a little about my adventures there. Here is a recap of everything I did at the International Food Bloggers Conference 2013.

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IFBC 2013 on Food Blog Radio

We are back!

And we are talking about the hottest conference ticket around! IFBC 2013 in Seattle Washington is here and sold out – find out what you are missing.

To follow the conference as it happens use hashtag #IFBC on Twitter and Facebook!

International Food Blogger Conference 2013 Seattle


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Rebecca Withers Chastenet of Food Truck Click interview with Food Blog Radio

Rebecca Withers Chastenet, One-time restaurant critic & food feature writer, Slurp: Santa Fe’s Original Airstream Eatery co-owner, Food-loving wordsmith and everyday home cook, Mother of 3, Lyric-loving music listener, doodler, Outdoor enthusiast and food blogger at www.FoodTruckClick.com.

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Nancy Root Miller of River Tree Kitchen interview with Food Blog Radio

Nancy Root Miller, freelance editor, cookbook author, avid home cook and food blogger at River Tree Kitchens. Nancy shares her love of food, cookbook editing, authoring, food blogging and food photography on this episode of Food Blog Radio.

Nancy Root MillerI am Nancy Root Miller, a freelance editor with a specialty in cookbook editing. I’ve written two small cookbooks (50 Best Sundaes and 50 Best Cookies, both for Bristol Press) and am currently finishing a collection of my own recipes from soup (Sweet Potato-Pear) to nuts (Spicy Almonds).
Like many avid home cooks, I have an ever-growing collection of cookbooks, and firmly believe that a great cookbook is just as absorbing to read as a great novel. Despite my immersion in recipes, however, my favorite way to cook is to see what’s in the fridge and wing it.
I used to be an art director, and before that was an art major in college. When I was painting or designing, on the best days I’d lose myself in the moment. Cooking can be like that too, when you’re so lost in the flavors, the chopping and mixing, and above all the creating, that it becomes a form of meditation, exhilarating and relaxing at the same time. That’s the element of cooking I hope to share with you.
I live with my husband, teenage son and dogs in rural Wisconsin. Husband (Tom) and son (Luke) are talented cooks; the dogs (Cleo and Libby) not so much. But they’re young yet.
All the photographs in this blog are my own creations. I’m a neophyte in the world of food photography (as if you couldn’t tell), but I still claim blushing ownership of the pix you see here. If you want to reprint them (I can’t imagine why), please let me know and give credit, if for no other reason than to pass on the blame.
I’m also new to the blogosphere, and would love your feedback. I’ll be tweaking the site as time goes on. Do you want to hear tips about writing a cookbook? More recipes in a certain area? Let me know, and I’ll see what I can do.

If you’re writing a cookbook of your own and you need expert editorial services, I’m available. there’s more information on my editing website: http://www.rivertreedit.com.

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Find more about Nancy and “www.RiverTreeKitchen.com”:



Monte Matthews of Monte’s Hams interview with Food Blog Radio

Monte Matthews, Food Blogger at Chewing the Fat and purveyor of extraordinary hams at Monte’s Hams shares his insights on food blogging, hams and cooking. Monte is a world traveler currently residing in Bridgehampton, New York and blogging weekly to a very loyal audience. Lets listen and learn about the man behind Monte’s hams!

Monte Matthews of Monte's HamMonte’s Ham was started with a passion for food, for family farming and for helping the less fortunate.

It began with our dream of sharing a tried-and-true recipe for a delicious glaze we invented years ago. The glaze is simplicity itself: Real Dijon Mustard is combined with the finest of Orange Marmalades and Organic Brown Sugar and a blend of secret spices. And it’s made in a certified Organic Kitchen on the beautiful North Fork of Long Island.

Our all-natural, nitrate-free hams are special too. Raised on small family farms in the Finger Lakes region of New York, our hogs are a Landrace Duroc

Cross that is prized for their flavor and texture. Our hogs are pasteured—never penned—and are grass-fed on a diet of alfalfa, ledino clover, giant red clover, and perennial rye grass. Added to that is a ration of roasted soy, corn, vitamins, and minerals. We never routinely use antibiotics and if they are necessary, we require a minimum of 14 days from treatment so that our hams are antibiotic-free before they are smoked.

To pair our glaze with the perfect ham, we discovered a fifty year family tradition for curing hams. Purdy & Sons Foods in Sherburne NY have been hickory smoking all-natural hams without nitrites or nitrates – just with a simple brown sugar rub in a state-of the art smokehouse. We’re proud to have the Pride of New York Seal on every ham we sell.

Finally, it is our commitment to donate a portion sale of each and every sale to help fight hunger. We do this through our participation in Food Pantries, Food Education Programs and Community Food Banks. We welcome inquiries from food-related charities as to how to apply for Monte’s Ham grants.

Our mission is summed up here: Helping Family Farms flourish. Helping feed the hungry with every ham we sell.

Food Blog Radio is discovering the Foodie behind the Food Blogs around the world!

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Find more about Monte and “www.MontesHam.com”:



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