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Based in Edinburgh Scotland, Danielle Ellis writes about food: restaurants, recipes, chefs, ingredients, travel with a Scottish flavor and from the world beyond on her food blog Edinburgh Foody.


 Edinburgh Foody

Danielle Ellis - Edinburgh Foody

What we do

We’re passionate about food. We write about ingredients, cooking, producers, baking, restaurants and chefs, often with an Edinburgh-centric or Scottish flavour. However, as we’re both non-Scottish you’ll get a healthy portion of food from further afield too! We enjoy posting positive content and if we’re not so keen about something, we just don’t write about it.

Who we are

Danielle Ellis and Caroline von Schmalensee write the Edinburgh Foody blog with occasional guest posts from fellow food bloggers.

How Edinburgh Foody was born

Danielle founded Discover the Taste in 2003 and ran the company for 4 years taking fellow foodies behind the scenes wherever there was good food: restaurants, delis, farms, bakeries, etc. Edinburgh Foody continues that passion. It gives an eclectic impression of all the great things about food and the wonderful people who create, grow or are otherwise involved with it!

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