Food Blog Radio with Gary & Sara – Here we go!

Food Blog Radio with Gary and Sara |

Food Blog Radio with Gary & Sara – Here we go!

Welcome to the long awaited first episode of the new and improved Food Blog Radio show.

We are so excited to be here with you!

Today we are chatting about:

  • Our first time together on air.
  • We introduce ourselves – in case you didn’t know…
  • How we met.
  • Beginnings of our diabolical plans.
  • How we resurrected Food Blog Radio.
  • Our roots as food bloggers.
  • What we are doing in the food blog world.
  • What happened to the old podcast.
  • We name drop “Alton Brown”
  • Who we plan to interview.
  • Where we plan to go with the show.

Join us every Friday with a new guest from around the world!  We’ll discuss everything you ever wanted to know about your favorite food bloggers and more!

Where to find us:






Wherever you find us – please share, like, love and leave a comment!  We love comments!


  1. Bravo on your first podcast. Looking forward to following along. 🙂

  2. Congrats on your first podcast Gary and Sara. So, Sara, how the heck did Gary talk you into this Was it a hostage situation or something more nefarious. I know, he must have mesmerized you with his Dutch oven donuts.

    And you Gary. Well, you clearly need some supervision so I’m glad you teamed up with Sara. Otherwise, I might have to make more than one trip a year out to the left coast to make sure you’re behaving yourself.

    Again, congrats to the both of you. I see only great things ahead for your podcast.

    See ya in a couple of months.

    • Sara De Leeuw says:

      Dutch Oven Donuts? Hey…. Gary? Are you holding out on me? Thanks for letting me know Randy! This is important info to have on hand! Thanks for listening and taking time to comment too! We appreciate it!

  3. Congrats to both of you on your first podcast. I loved listening to you guys. Sara I can’t believe that your grand daughter and my grand son are both a year old now. This year has gone by so fast. Plus my 2 yrs old grand daughter loves to be in the kitchen with me at home and at work. Love you girl and miss you bunches.

    • Sara De Leeuw says:

      Thanks for listening Heidi! It’s crazy how quickly time goes, especially with grand babies! We are blessed, to be sure! Miss you too and hope all is well in your corner of the world. 🙂

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