Jamie Schler of Life’s A Feast!

Jamie Schler

Food Blog Radio Episode #33

This week, meet Jamie Schler of Life’s a Feast!  Jamie lives in Chinon, France and is inspired by food, culture, travel, and the people around her!.  American born, but living in France (minus six years in Italy) for the last 30 years, Jamie shares with us her life as wife, mother, writer and hotel owner!

Listen as we chat with Jamie about:

  • The Hotel Diderot
  • Running away to France
  • Her food writing career
  • Saving lunch money to buy books!
  • The creation of her (first) blog
  • Mastering the writing process
  • Her photography style
  • Cooking  in a multi-cultural home
  • Food as a source of stories and heritage
  • Food shopping in her little city
  • Making jam for breakfast -a community effort
  • The history of her hotel
  • Her sons in the kitchen
  • Writing workshops
  • Historical facts about her town

Do you want to know more about Jamie?  Here’s where you can find her:

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  1. What a fabulous interview. I want to go to Chinon and stay at Hotel Diderot!!

  2. Ha thanks Betsy! You and Sara and Gary are always welcome!

  3. Oh how I love to her Jamie’s sweet voice again! My husband and I had the distinct pleasure of staying with Jamie and Jean Pierre at Hotel Diderot. It is everything you could dream of – like being at a home away from home set in a charming medieval town in the Loire Valley!

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