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FBR 23 - Jenni Field Pastry Chef Online

Food Blog Radio Episode #23

This weeks guest is none other than Jenni Field of – Jenni’s previous life as a special education teacher has evolved into a passion for teaching the fine art of pastry. After attending culinary school for Patisserie and Baking, she spent a few years working as pastry sous chef and pastry chef in fine dining restaurants and now she is the host of  the very popular food blog,

Listen as we chat with Jenni about:

  • Her background in teaching and culinary school
  • What culinary school really taught her!
  • “Cat-type Activities”
  • The beginnings of her blog
  • You have permission to play with your recipes!
  • Learning to be flexible in the kitchen
  • Ice Cream Tuesdays
  • How to turn a mistake into something delicious
  • Reaching critical mass and relying on the kindness of neighbors
  • The evolution of her photography skills
  • The future of Jenni Field Pastry Chef Online
  • The Brown Butter Zen Video and the every step in the book Coffee Video

Want to know more about Jenni?  Here is where you can find her:


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  1. Thanks you guys so much for featuring me! I enjoyed every moment of our conversation! xoxo

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