Lainey Liz from Simply Bakings!

Lainey Liz

Food Blog Radio Episode #36

Coming at you, in our first remote interview from Starbucks, we’re pleased to introduce you to YouTube sensation, Lainey Liz of Simply Bakings!  Lainey has been doing videos for three years now and has a following of over 200,000 subscribers!  She loves to teach and share delicious desserts with the world!

Listen in as we chat with Lainey about:

  • How she met Sara  (First things first!)
  • “What were you thinking?”  How the journey began…
  • Dealing with negative comments
  • Where her ideas and recipes come from (Pinterest is her best friend!)
  • How she films her videos
  • A secret about one of her videos!  Shhhhhh!!
  • A lot goes on behind the scenes!
  • Getting help with videos/social media
  • Another secret is revealed!!!  Big news about Lainey’s summer plans!
  • Being a vegetarian
  • The challenges of cooking vegetarian Filipino foods
  • She’s a baker, not a cook!
  • The future of Simply Bakings
  • Broken bowls and spilled water

Want to know more about Lainey and her YouTube Channel?  Here’s where you can find her:

Thanks for listening!  Remember to tune in on Friday for another great new guest! 

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