Laura Bashar from Family Spice

Laura Bashar Family Spice

Food Blog Radio Episode #50

We’re traveling down the California Coast to visit with Laura Bashar of Family Spice: Fresh Family Recipes with a Persian Flair!  Blogging since 2009, Laura is an award-winning Cookbook Author, recipe developer, photographer, graphic designer, wife and Mom of three beautiful children!

Listen as we chat with Laura about:

  • How we met Laura!
  • How she started blogging – Learning HTML in 2008
  • Constantly Creating!
  • Her Cookbook:  Cooking Techniques and Recipes with Olive Oil
  • From E-book to Print Book
  • Learning how to do everything to self-publish a cookbook!
  • Where her interest in Photography began
  • Equipment she uses for food photography
  • Getting into videos!  Figuring out how to do it!
  • What does the future hold for Family Spice?
  • Constantly evolving!  Brilliant revelations!

 Want to learn more about Laura?

Thanks for listening! Remember to tune in next Friday for another exciting new guest!

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