Laura Sampson from Little House Big Alaska

Laura Sampson Little House Big Alaska

Food Blog Radio Episode #49

We travel (virtually) to Alaska to visit with Laura Sampson from Little House, Big Alaska!  (Originally the food blog “Hey What’s for Dinner Mom?”)  As well as being a blogger, and writer, Laura is  mom to three boys, she raises pigs, meat birds, turkeys, egg laying hens and keeps bees too!  In a short 90 day Alaskan growing season, Laura does her best to provide as much of their own produce as possible!

Listen as we chat with Laura about:

  • How we met Laura
  • How she started blogging
  • “Hey, What’s for Dinner Mom?”
  • Kids, Healthy Eating and Food Activism
  • Rebranding as “Little House, Big Alaska”
  • Food, DIY, Gardening and Life!
  • The challenges of gardening in Alaska
  • The challenges of rebranding her entire blog
  • Tips and tricks for successful rebranding!
  • Growing social media
  • Making connections with other bloggers and building your tribe!
  • Advice for anyone wanting to start a blog
  • Take the high road with any online negativity

 Want to learn more about Laura?

Thanks for listening! Remember to tune in next Friday for another exciting new guest!

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