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Liz Rueven, Kosher food blogger and chief eater of shares her insights and revelations of being a vegetarian and honoring the rules of a Kosher life. She talks about blogging, traveling, recipes, photography and share details of her Kosher life with her family and friends.

Liz Rueven

Are you Kosher Like Me? I know a lot of people who are. We keep kosher kitchens at home and honor the rules outside of our homes by eating as vegetarians. Some of us are pescatarians, that is, we eat acceptable fish also. This is how we avoid the forbidden stuff when eating all over the world.

After ordering too many monotonous meals of grilled fish and veggie laden pasta, I began a determined search for more exhilarating and varied vegetarian experiences. Kosher Like Me is about sharing  these eating adventures. I travel many weeks a year and much to my family’s and friends’ delight, I do an obsessive amount of research before we hit the road.

I am on the lookout for restaurants that adjust their offerings as the seasons change. I am interested in chefs who are flexible  enough to accommodate vegetarians (and with a smile, please) and who care about how their food is grown, harvested and handled. Farmers’ markets, food festivals, restaurants, new food product  and folks in the food world are all fair game.

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