Post IFBC 2013 Interviews part 2

As we wrap up our series on IFBC 2013, Food Blog Radio interviews two food bloggers, Chef Heidi Fink and Colleen Fields, about their first time experience at IFBC 2013.


Chef Heidi Fink

Chef Heidi FinkHeidi Fink is a chef, food writer, and award-winning culinary instructor, specializing in local foods and ethnic cuisines. Previously the Executive Chef of the renowned Canadian restaurant, ReBar Modern Food, Chef Heidi now shares her cooking expertise and enthusiasm through her classes, food articles, and culinary tours. Her goal is to inspire people in the kitchen and bring excitement to the everyday work of cooking and eating well.
Heidi lives, cooks, and eats on beautiful Southern Vancouver Island with her husband and two young sons.


Chef Heidi Fink discusses:

First impressions of IFBC
Improv and the Amazon store sessions she attended.
Great food from “Taste of Seattle” and the Urbanspoon Dinner at “Marjorie on Capital Hill
Why you need an agenda
Newbie tips for food blog conferences

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Colleen Fields

Colleen FieldsColleen Fields is a lifelong food enthusiast and healthy lifestyle convert who has lost more  than 100 pounds and gone from a size 26w to a size 12 by marrying these two passions. As a single, working mother of two, Colleen struggled with her weight for years and tried every diet out there without success. Always enjoying  cooking and good food,  she found herself a constant  companion at her mother’s side in the kitchen as a young child.  Beginning  her weight loss journey, she realized that her cooking style needed to change. Frustrated to find the only “healthy” cookbooks and television shows available focused on deprivational diets rather than behavioral changes she began experimenting and creating her own healthy dishes and sharing her triumphs and newly developed scrumptious dishes through her online networks. Today, she maintains her healthy weight and offers her recipes for success through her food blog,, videos, and cookbooks. Colleen hopes to serve as inspiration, offering simple, sustainable tools, obtainable healthy and weight loss goals and, a clear message for those struggling with the same issues she faced most of her adult life.

Colleen discusses:

First impressions of IFBC 2013
Food and Wine Excursion to Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery in Woodinville
Andrew Scrivani photography class
Improv sessions she attended
Food sampling, “Taste of Seattle” and Urbanspoon dinner at “Gastro Pub”
Being a raffle prize winner
Newbie tips for food blog conferences

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