Rosemary and Claire of Authentic Food Quest

Rosemary and Claire

Food Blog Radio Episode #45

This week we meet Rosemary and Claire from Authentic Food Quest! This dynamic duo share their journey traveling through authentic food experiences.  They have lived in Chicago, Paris and Los Angeles and have visited over 27 countries and 29 U.S. states!  Their goal is for people to experience a deeper connection to the places they travel, through experiencing the authentic food of the countries they visit!

Listen in as we chat with Rosemary and Claire about:

  • Traveling through Authentic Food – the beginning
  • Digital nomads
  • How they sold everything in two months, started a business and hit the road
  • Their “Ah-ha” moment in finding local foods and experiences
  • How they chose Argentina as a place to start
  • A four step approach to their travels
  • Feeling safe in places they stay
  • How they share responsibilities/tasks of their blog
  • Chatting about video
  • All about their NEW BOOK! 
  • The future of Authentic Food Quest – where they are heading next!


Want to know more about Rosemary and Claire and Authentic Food Quest?  Connect with them on social media here: 

 Authentic Food Quest Argentina


Thanks for listening! Remember to tune in next Friday for another new guest!

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