Rosemary Molloy of An Italian in my Kitchen

Rosemary MolloyFood Blog Radio Episode #24

This weeks guest is Rosemary Molloy from “An Italian In My Kitchen”  Rosemary went from high heels, stocks and bonds and restaurant eating in Canada, to falling in love and finding herself up to her knees in grapes and green beans in Rome, Italy!  25 years later, she’s built a house, makes her own wine, has two beautiful daughters and wants everyone to experience the deliciousness that comes from true Italian cooking!

Listen as we chat with Rosemary about:

  • How Rosemary ended up in Rome
  • Building her own house
  • What it takes to grow a vineyard (and make your own wine!)
  • Dealing with culture shock in a new country
  • The beginnings of Rosemary’s blog
  • Her photography transformation
  • How she learned to cook and the secret to great Italian cooking
  • Raising children in Italy.
  • The future of her blog!  Look for her new E-Book!
  • Social media and where to find Rosemary
  • Solo Trendsetting Foodblogger!

Want to know more about Rosemary?  Here is where to find her:

Thanks for listening!  Remember to tune in every Friday for another great new guest! 

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